Microsoft Wireless Mouse 900 Drivers Download

Microsoft Wireless Mouse 900 Drivers Download Free
Microsoft Wireless Mouse 900 Drivers Download
Microsoft Wireless Mouse 900

Download and Install Microsoft Wireless Mouse 900 Drivers

Software & Drivers for Microsoft Wireless Mouse 900
Language: English

Download Mouse and Keyboard Center 2.8 for Windows
OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/XP/Vista/10
Size for 32bit: 40.3MB

Size for 64bit: 42.0MB

Wireless Mouse 900 Drivers Download and Review

Microsoft's $49.95 Wireless 900 Desktop computer ($29.95 with Amazon) offers a few wonderful rewards for the price: a cordless mouse as well as Mac OS support. Yet its standout function is its software for customizing hotkeys.

When I installed the included Microsoft Mouse as well as Keyboard Center software application, I was able to produce macros or assign shortcuts (to launch OneNote, for instance). Eight tricks are for grabs. There's likewise a dedicated trick to open up Calculator, along with the common Volume-up, Volume-down, Mute, and also Play/Pause tricks.

This full-sized keyboard is slim, but feels solid. The chiclet-style secrets are sufficiently spaced, making it easy to simply begin keying. The kick-out legs really did not give the keyboard enough of an angle to fit my preference, yet this did not hamper my keying circulation.

The Wireless 900 responded just great whether I was pounding the keys or flying gently. All the keys-- except one-- are remarkably peaceful. Protruding like an aching thumb is the room bar, which sends out a loud thwack when pressed. Even though my workspace is filled with white noise, this thwack continually annoyed me and seemed like a high quality oversight in the key-board's style.

The Wireless 900 can have been just another desktop computer keyboard with a computer mouse, and also its bothersome spacebar does it no favors. Thanks to its programmable keys, it's a functional device and a solid worth.

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